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Thina Jita is a graduate from the University of Witwatersrand. She studied a General Bachelor of Arts with Sociology and Political Studies as her majors. Besides her interests in Humanities and Social Sciences, she interested in writing and research. Thina is passionate about Sociology and the topics in Sociology which are particularly important to her include : the issues of gender, gender roles and gender equality, contemporary social issues such as race and racism, the spread of HIV/AIDS and the issues surrounding homosexuality. Thina’s contribution to the Behold SA team is research. She also involved with one of Behold’s campaigns, Shake The World. She works along side project manager, Sisanda Madwantsi assisting with the marketing and also works as a sales agent. Thina is a knowledge seeking and creative young woman who is determined to make a positive change.
Thina Jita -
South Africa
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