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Sisanda Madwantsi is a young driven and passionate social entrepreneur who strives to see change and progress in her society and life. Sisanda believes that the only institution that rejects progress is the cemetery and so our societies should not be treated as though they are cemeteries. Sisanda is a graduate from the University of Witwatersrand. She has a BA degree in Industrial Psychology and Media Studies. She is part of the Behold South Africa team and is the Project Manager of Shake The World South Africa as well as Project Manager of The Experience Factory firm. Besides her love and interest in organizational behavior, employee wellbeing, and employee effectiveness, she also finds interest in content, communication, and effects of various media. Her goal is to not limit herself and to be part of whatever that will bring value and development in our country, whether rising for justice, standing against women and child abuse, supporting men who want to create a good difference in our society, fighting poverty, promoting education, preventing and raising awareness around HIV/AIDS. This is a quote that Sisanda lives by, “When you do not like something changes it, if you cannot change it, changes the way you think about it”, Mary Engelbreit.
Sisanda Madwantsi -
South Africa
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