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Siphe Mkize is one of the newest recruits in the Behold Corporation. She has an honours degree in Media Economics and Politics from Wits University and is a research consultant who’s primarily focussed on gathering all information regarding a field of interest on a project that the company is concentrating on. She is also the Head of Social Media, being responsible for managing the company’s online profile in the form of Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as ensuring that the Behold blog is effectively managed. She has worked in various socially responsible organizations the most notable being her leadership role in being the chairperson of ‘Remember and Give’ which is a campus based Non-profit organization at Wits University that is dedicated to enriching their community through initiating campaigns that empower the youth and the environment that they live in. She is a very ambitious young lady whose main objective is to see the continent of Africa thrive in the different sectors of the economy. The vision she has for Behold is to ensure that more people become aware of its mission and business operations and it grows and becomes a recognizable corporation in the country and the rest of Africa so that more people can participate and share in the company’s vision.
Siphe Mkize -
South Africa
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