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Adopt a school Foundation is a non-profit Organisation which fills animportant gap in the provision of quality schooling. The foundationmobilises companies and individuals to support the creation andenhancement of a conducive learning and teaching environment indisadvantaged schools.

The Adopt-a-School Foundation does not only improve the quality ofeducation but it also creates and provides employment. Since inceptionthe foundation had build over 300 schools, which in turn has createdover 4 000 temporary jobs, benefiting over 390 small and medium sizedbusinesses.

According to the Adopt-a-School Foundation infrastructure is only one ofthe challenges faced by schools. The foundation therefore developed aWhole School Development model, to improve and uplift the academicinfrastructural, Social and security environment in schools. The aim isto ensure that schools have the necessary management and communityleadership to support an environment conducive of excellent in teachingand learning in every school in which the foundation works.

Behold SA and Adopt-a-School Foundation

Using the qualitative approach, Behold SA conducted an impactassessment of the foundation. Behold SA conducted assessments ofprojects dating from 2006 to2012. Adopt-a-School Foundation has adopted over 170 schools and hasbuild over 300 school facilities. Amongst other amazing effortsAdopt-a-School threw a “Back-to-School”party, which managed to raise astaggering R 4 million. The Adopt-a-School Foundation understands theurgent importance of quality education.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change theworld.”

Nelson Mandela.

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